I Woke Up Like This

There is nothing more upsetting than looking in your closet and saying the dreaded words, “I have nothing to wear.

It’s just so hard for people to understand that you have no clothes when you literally have clothes falling out of your closet- but I am here for you, I get it.  Just getting ready to meet friends for lunch can be a struggle if you don't have the right pieces.

I find that the simplest way to never run into this problem is having awesome core pieces that are your staples, your back bone and probably your most worn. This can include leggings, long tunics and your favourite jacket.

Rock N’ Karma are known for these pieces, the miracle fabric, never gets worn out, never bags out of place and is the most comfortable fabric you could put against your skin. To say these pants are the best in the city would be an understatement. When Rock ‘N Karma’s core pieces become your core pieces the rest is easy. Over the long river top I pair it with an edgy black jacket and voila your outfit went from cute and comfortable to office ready and comfortable and how often do you achieve that combination?

Photo 2018-03-29, 5 27 23 PM.jpg
Photo 2018-03-29, 5 27 16 PM.jpg
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